Welcome to Issachar Ber Ryback's web site

We have complited , these days, the establishment of "Comite' & Foundation Issachar Ber Ryback" and free excess internet site .

Our goals are : 

 ~~~ Collaboration with Museums , Universities, Collectors ,Scholars and other individuals and institutions , 
         to make the art of Issachar Ryback and his legacy  available for the public to view and study .

 ~~~ Organizing exhibitions 

 ~~~ Completion of the Catalogue Raisonne' of all the works created by Ryback
         and other subject books and catalogues on his works.

 ~~~  Development of a research center and public forum to offer exhibitions ,
          lectures , seminars on the life and work of the artist

 ~~~ Expertise and evaluation , serving museums , institutions and individual

Maintenance and development of Ryback's archive and library .